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Modern Culture of Bodybuilding

April 29 2017

Bodybuilding is an art in itself. Body building requires patience and perseverance which very few can match and hence only a few succeed in it in the healthiest and natural way. There was a time when body builders were role models for many. People would try to emulate them and imbibe in their life the way they moved, the way they conducted and the way they maintained their body. Bodybuilding was not restricted to physique only; it was treated as a way to build character. However, times have changed and with it has changed the perception about bodybuilding.

Today bodybuilding has reduced to bulk up of the body with muscles by any means. People do not have the required patience and want to look like superstars in quick time. Body builders are reduced to people with strong muscles and weak character. Often we come across people that they are using supplements like pre jym pre workout. Today bodybuilding is reduced to a body bulking only, and it sums up the sad story of this art. There was a time when people would not mind hitting gym for months with dedication and perseverance. Today every aspiring man wants immediate results in a matter of few weeks. There is no patience left among people to be consistent in their training, in following their diet plan. Earlier bodybuilders used to take in an only natural diet and protein shakes laced with steroids was unimaginable. Bodybuilders do not consider it as an art and an activity, which builds character. It has been reduced to its physical aspect only.













The unfortunate part of bodybuilding is that there are few good instructors, the instructors want to earn quick money and would recommend you protein shakes and steroids no sooner you join a gym. There are very few role models left today in bodybuilding. However, they are not able to change how the present generation think about bodybuilding. The general impression about body builders is that they are unsuccessful in other aspects of life. People believe that the bodybuilders have failed to leave their mark in other aspects of life; which may not be applicable to all?

People believe that body builders are less intelligent and are fit for only those works, which can utilize their muscle power. Earlier bodybuilding was considered a function of the mental ability of the person to stay focused and concentrated for very long period. Those who practiced bodybuilding were considered smart people and people who were bestowed with good qualities. Today they are considered unfit to most of the jobs because of poor attitude and often aggressiveness, which has been borne out of body abuse.

Unfortunately, bodybuilders have also contributed a lot towards changing the attitude of people towards them. They are often in news for all wrong reasons like crimes, scandals and other steroid relate abuses. It is no wonder why people would not look down upon them. Now this is a vicious circle. Once public has negative attitude towards bodybuilders, they find themselves isolated from the rest of the society and indulge further in crimes. Today bodybuilders are considered violent and aggressive. They no longer are the epitome of patience and other virtues.

If there is a way down, there is a way up to. It is entirely in the hands of us to restore its lost glory and raise it to the rightful place in the hearts and minds of people. Body is a wonderful gift, and we should be endeavor to make it more beautiful in most natural possible manners with all humility.


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